viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016

Which is the best wildlife photography in the world?. Why?

I love beauty and tend to be attracted to the most aesthetic images I can find. Here are a many awesome examples, and I will try to give more.
But I have to apologize, especially to sensitive readers, because depicting wildlife, apart from showing the glory or histrionic beauty and gore drama of life itself, is also a call to the world, a nude shout of desperation, a call for help, because we need to fight for preserving so many species. And some of them are not usually regarded as endangered such as lions or elephants.
So the first pics I will add here are very bloody (sorry for the word, but also for the image). This is a cry for conservation:

This is both a dramatic cry and an image of hope for the species:
Obviously I have selected these photos because they are a terrible reality bite. I write a blog calling for conservation and protection of animals, I have seen these and more gore pics...I usually tend to avoid them when writing for young public, but I think that these images are very important to tell all the truth, to talk to an adult public and giving a hint of how hard and dramatic -and necessary- is the work of conservation.
I also will apologize for calling for giving supportto a "quoran local" wildlife organization: Home - Chengeta Wildlife, they keep this blog: Chengeta Wildlife.
And some amazing pics:
People in Europe tend to regard reptiles as boring static critters. Don't understimate them.
Hunter chased :).

It is a hard work.

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