jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

What is the difference between humans and the other animals?


We are animals, a kind of them.
If we want to focus the question from a scientific viewpoint, all we can do is to look for some characteristics that are unique or singularly developed in us that differentiate us fro other animals (in the same way as every animal group has its range of singularities).

I think that language, hands and precission in throwing large objects are the basis we used to develope our extraordinarily complex, and probaply absurdly complicated (fooled by ourselves) in many ocassions, societies and systems of knowleadges.
The reference to curly hair could be understood as an eccentrity by many people, but it really puzzless me, the proud sufferer of a unmanegeable curly hair.

The more I know about animals, the  less I'm impressed by human animals, but we have some evolutionary  curiosities that are not very often regarded.

  • Language as a basis of creating a mental state and a community sharing advances made by others.  Do you think that humans are incredible because we have gone to the  Moon?. But you haven't, neither have I. And you couldn't, like me. You  and me have the notion of humankind going to the Moon because language  has created the mental state that enables this conception, in spite that  only 11 or 12 men, and no woman, have walked on the Moon.  Also, these  ten some men could get to the Moon theirselves because a lot of people  were able to share their knowledge and techonology using language. There  is not another animal in the Earth that have the abbility to use  language in such powerful ways


I add that I forgotted to mention the extraordinary ability to discover and invent patterns in the observation of our world.

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