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Why are poop-throwing chimpanzees more intelligent?

Ok, some questions on Quora are incredibly funny. And, ah, oh, yes...some field studies too bizarre.
This is one of the first things I wrote on Quora, be patient with my English, I was starting, and also forgive me some typos...but poo throwing chimps and intelligence, is there anything more exciting?.


Are there -not handycapped- chimps that can't poop throw ?.
The paper says that better poop throwers were more intellegent becaus:

After making their  discovery regarding the parts of the brain that appear to be involved in  better throwing in chimps, the team tested the chimps and found that  those that could throw better also appeared to be better communicators  within their group, giving credence to their idea that speech and  throwing are related. Interestingly, they also found that the better  throwing chimps didn’t appear to posses any more physical prowess than  other chimps, which the researchers suggest means that throwing didn’t  develop as a means of hunting, but as a form of communication within  groups, i.e. throwing stuff at someone else became a form of self  expression, which is clearly evident to anyone who has ever been  targeted by a chimp locked up in a zoo.
(source, the same paper you mentioned, Researches find poop-throwing by chimps is a sign of intelligence)

And here you have the causes, in the same paper:
- It has been  hypothesized that neurological adaptations associated with evolutionary  selection for throwing may have served as a precursor for the emergence  of language and speech in early hominins.
-These results suggest  that chimpanzees that have learned to throw have developed greater  cortical connectivity between primary motor cortex and the Broca's area  homologue. It is suggested that during hominin evolution, after the  split between the lines leading to chimpanzees and humans, there was  intense selection on increased motor skills associated with throwing and  that this potentially formed the foundation for left hemisphere  specialization associated with language and speech found in modern  humans.

(source, the same paper you mentioned, Researches find poop-throwing by chimps is a sign of intelligence)

In a nutshell, the development of precisssion in poop throwing is associated with the cortical connectivity in brain structures essential for language in humans.

The easy joke is language came from the appropiate use of poop.
But, if you ask me, the study goes very far in use of chimp natural behaviour to analyse early human development. As chimp can´t not use a very structurate group of sounds, due to morphology issues, for me there is a human biass in analyse their behaviour in this study.

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