lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Are there fishes with necks?

here were. In the Devonian period existed a singular species of fish, so singular it has its own genus, the Tiktaalik, a extinct sarcopterygian (lobe-finned fish) with many features that are well observed in four-legged animals, thus tThe Tiktaalik is understood as transition form from fish to amphibians.  Well-preserved fossils were found in on Canada.
Tiktaalik had  internal and external nostrils and  a neck, with the pectoral girdle separate from the skull. This would give the creature more freedom in hunting prey either on land or in the shallows.

And they were so gorgeous...well, no, they weren´t gorgeous at all, but they had necks, so why care about the rest...
There are. Seahorses have a neck the can bend upside down and that lets them feed the the way they do.

and they are so gorgeous, this time for real.
I don´t know how far is the skull of Seahorses form their pectoral girdle, looking to them moving it seems that they are pretty well far to give their necks the right to be considered real necks.

Tiktaalik image:
Seahorse image:

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