jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

Which wild animals, if any, teach their young in communities / packs / classes or other groups?

Yes, there are some species that share teaching responsabilities in their communities. Many more that the few examples I'll give here.

              Meerkats teach their juvenile how to handle scorpions to remove the edible parts without being injured with their stingers.
This is a two lessons curriculum (so to speak). First, they provide the young students with dead scorpions with their stingers removed, so that they can handle them safely in order to access to the edible parts.
When the adults think that they have mastered this art, they provide them with dead scorpions with their stingers still attached.

Meerkats are highly social animals that live in organized communities with an alpha couple, which is in normal circumstances the only reproductive one. It is interesting that meerkats can change communities and therefor not all the animals in a given group have to be related to the alpha couple.


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