viernes, 13 de enero de 2017

Are there reports of domestic cats hunting cooperatively?

There are:
Even co-operative hunting does  sometimes occur with closely bonded cats. Littermates Bubble and Squeak  were two such hunting partners. Between them, they quartered the field  in front of my home, flushing out field mice for each other and often  sharing the catch. 12 year old Scrapper regularly teamed up with  unrelated 6 month old Aphrodite to hunt the birds that devastated my  fruit bushes. This was a beneficial partnership as Scrapper, who had no  teeth, flushed birds towards Aphrodite who despatched them, but didn't  eat them! There was no doubt that Scrapper masterminded the operation as  Aphrodite was not very bright!
Discussions with cat-owning friends have provided many more accounts  of cats which flushed prey from flower borders into the waiting paws and  jaws of the cats they lived with.
In 1996, studies of cats in the Galapagos Islands indicated that some  cats will hunt co-operatively to increase the likelihood of successful  hunts. This observation was made when prey was difficult for a single  cat to catch. At the cat shelter where I work, ferals Kim, Jade and Gem  (littermates) did not hunt as a group but they frequently shared their  kills.

Source: Are Cats Really Unsociable?

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