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Are there reliable reports of wild adult animals with cleft palate?

 I know that the probability is extremely low, as all the cases I know in domestic animals with this bird condition have had to be hand reared. Also, I am aware of what is this condition, I'm not requeting for a description of it. I'm just curious about if any wild animal survived against the odds.

First case I have met. It is not an adult, but at least is a weaned wild animal, which means that the criature was able to be breastfed in spite of her congenital defect. I don't know the physiology of process of breastfeeding in elephant seals so well to know wether the mother can "inject" milk to the puppy is this detail would be very interesting to know.
TVA, a northern elephant seal weaner rescued earlier this year, rests  inside a rubber carrier equipped with a heating pad on a wet Thursday  morning at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. She is suffering from  malnourishment due to not hunting effectively after having been  weaned from her mother. Beachgoers found this skinny pup alone and in a  bad location with humans around, so the Center rescued her. Luckily, at  The Marine Mammal Center she’ll get the nourishment and medical care she  needs to fatten up and become strong enough for release back to the  ocean. In many ways she is like the other thousands of seals and sea  lions that have been rescued by the Center since 1975.

In the articled is also told thet TVA has a "humpack" due to bone malformation.

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