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Are there any animals that create objects for recreation or is creating objects to be used in recreation something that only humans can do?

Más de Quora. Que sí, que tengo que currarme las traducciones. Pero bueno, mientras tanto es más fácil tirar de material que ya tengo escrito.

I know that dolphins invent quite complex games and partake in recreational drug use, as well as blow bubbles to amuse themselves. New Caledonean crows create tools for foraging and the complexity of those tools improves over generations and spreads like human culture. Orang-utans build umbrella like objects to keep dry, and Chimpanzees have been taught to do all kinds of things and pass that knowledge on.

I haven't seen any examples of the combination of inventive recreational activities with practical tool creation to create recreational objects, however.

The closest to a tool made by a animal with the only purpose of playing that has come to my mind are sticks used by young chimps "girls" to play with them as dolls.

Young females of the Kanyawara chimpanzee community in Kibale National Park, Uganda,  use sticks as rudimentary dolls and care for them like the group's  mother  chimps tend to their real offspring. The behavior, which was  very rarely  observed in males, has been witnessed more than a hundred  times over 14  years of study.
Chimp "Girls" Play With "Dolls" Too—First Wild Evidence

A photo of some of the sticks use by this young "mums" and carefully colected by the field investigator. Imagine them behind the chimp and thinking "drop it, drop it right now, i wanna go home", a day in a life of a scientitist. (Sounds exciting? :)).
"The  stick serves no immediate function, they just carry it—sometimes for a  few minutes, other times for hours," study leader Richard Wrangham, a biological anthropologist at Harvard University, said via email.
The article after telling about this behaviour on natire versus nurture and maternal instinct that, well, it is not exactly of my taste. But they have documented the use of these dolls, by females -what is an added point- and thus have gained my sympathy.

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