jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Do whales have noses?

Why shouldn't they?. Whales are mammals that have gone back to water, they can surprise us in many ways, none the less their agility and beauty of movements in the water despite of their size, but they have never refused to breath air.

They have, yes, but in a deconstructed way. It is like a child had disambled the parts of a nose and spread them in the head of whales, and them they had developed or enlogated some pieces to connect them.

What  has happened to the nasal bones and the maxilar bones is known as  telescoping, the premaxilary and maxilary bones are told as having been  extended at their rostral tips, while their caudal tips are pulled back  and up over the frontal bone.

Here is a verygood illustration comparing the anatomy of cetaceans nasal and oral cavities with other mammals'.

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